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Foods Preparation for Climbing Mountain

When camping or doing a long trip, it should not be overlooked is the consumption during the process. Actually, in general, there are two choices: to cook or buy food around the site. If the choice falls on its own cook, then no default consequences become more severe and complicated. If you choose to buy food, the consequences would be to spend more money to buy food. Although in some areas, costs incurred to purchase food on site with its own cooking fall of almost the same but higher levels of hassles if you choose to cook yourself. Therefore, a complete survey of the area to be visited, especially on the cost of living and accommodation costs are absolutely necessary so that the burden will be taken also can be minimized. Suppose the cost of eating at your destination cheaper and less hassle than having to cook their own and carry-material instruments themselves, why want to cook for yourself?

Principle of traveling by backpacker is carrying luggage to a minimum with containers that are also minimized, as comfortable as possible, as easy as possible for removable, and the costs are minimal. For cooking, you should have at least a burner, a container for cooking, food, and energy resources. Stove divided into three kinds, namely gas stoves, paraffin stoves, and stoves spirits. Gas stove itself is divided into two types, namely a good gas stove (usually the size is quite large and there is a gas storage itself) and the outdoor gas burner that is usually smaller, sleeker, and some are in the form of roses. Each burner has its own advantages. In terms of space-saving, the most efficient place is paraffin stove due to the stove and fuel will only spend at most room for 1 box meal. Weakness paraffin stoves are the result of burning paraffin residue were troublesome when cleaning the container for cooking. Not all stores sell paraffin, paraffin fuel that is pretty hard to come though paraffin can be replaced with wax, but it will be more difficult for you to clean the butt pan. The gas stove is considered quite beneficial because in addition to efficient, it is also relatively easy to obtain fuel. All stores provide a small gas cylinder. In addition, the resulting flame is blue so efficient. 1 gas tube can be used to cook for 2 days or more for 4 people. The disadvantage is the space used is large enough to store gas cylinders and gas stoves especially if you go more than three days. For the 17 people on the mountain, is actually quite with 2 gas cylinders, as long as the manufacture of food can be summarized. In addition, the gas can not enter the aircraft cabin if you are traveling by plane. So that all goods must enter the trunk and of course the protection of goods in particular (yes we knew was that the bag in the trunk often dismantled and no missing items). Lastly, methylated spirit stove. I call this spirit stove least efficient. The fuel needs quite a lot because of the nature spirits volatile. Although the space required, methylated spirit stove does not require a lot of space. We also carry a flammable liquid in the bag, and this is quite dangerous if it is leaking. On several occasions, cooking with methylated spirit stove slightly smells.

The outdoor activities are not the same as the activity in the house, so bring appropriate foods only. If they are not necessary, no need to carry 12 kg of raw meat, fruits are super expensive, organic rice is very tasty and expensive. What needed are actually durable materials, nonperishable, easy and no fuss packing when the bag fell or banged, it did not make bored. For rice, it is enough to bring rice prices being alone. After all the later rice price is regardless if in outdoor. Simply bring corned to be used many times (corned beef canned sometimes risky spill if it is used multiple times), anchovies (recommended because the texture of the meat is thick and salty flavor), eggs, nuggets, sausages, shredded, food dry (such as dried soya bean cake, stir dried anchovies, and dried potatoes), or you can bring wader deep-fried, dried shrimp, and the like. For eggs, you need to store the rice so that the egg does not break. If you can bring your own food, you should bring your own food like tempeh dry, shredded, dried potatoes, and fried shrimp dry. At least, you can save time because it only needs time to cook rice only. The fuel can also be saved, although it may be more expensive in the fund fall. For fried foods, I recommend bringing margarine only. In addition to a more compact, less expensive, and also more delicious when used to cook.

For drinks, you can bring drinks sachets in various types. It is also recommended to bring the sweetened condensed milk chocolate, especially for energy intake in an emergency. Sachet drinks because it is quick, cheap, and now many delicious drink that is processed in the form of sachets. Do not forget to bring salt and sugar or flavoring food (if you are fond of food seasonings) for cooking.

What Should I Prepare for Deer Hunting

If you are the one who love to hunt, you should try to get more challenges of hunting. You can start to catch the deer. What you have to do is catch the deer and try to hunt it. Therefore, if you want to get the deer, you can try to prepare deer hunting equipment first. What you have to put on your list? You can check one by one here or you can add more than these things to prepare to put on your list. The most important thing is compass. You can know the direction of you bring it. Although you have GPS on your smartphone, everything is nothing when you cannot use it in emergency situation. Remember if you have to catch the deer in the forest that might become the place without signal. Use compass as the most important thing to put on your deer hunting equipment list.

The next is light rope. Although you might be do not know yet about the function of the rope, believe it if you will need it sometimes. You have to remember that everything may happen during your hunting time and you can catch and use the light rope as the trap for your deer. What are you waiting for now? Put the light rope on your deer hunting equipment list too.

Hunter is a human, right? Therefore, if you are human, many things may happen during your hunting time. You cannot avoid your body mechanism whether if you want to sleep, eat, poop and pee, and more. You have to bring wet tissues then. Remember if it is an important thing to put to continue your life and make your hunting time become the unforgettable moment. Is there any another thing to consider anymore? Bring any cookies or another meal too! Do you know what you have to do anymore? Make sure you stay alive! Bring the water with you! Knowing or not, everything is better if you make the list of your deer hunting equipment.

You can try to connect everything you have to prepare. More than you thought, hunting any deer is not as simple as you thought. You need many preparations and sure, you also need more time. It is because of the walking time of the deer to relax is not always same. It is very unpredictable. Please do not forget to bring your flashlight. It will help you during your evening time, especially if you get lost. Deer hunting equipment is something that need the process, the patience, and the great quality of it. What do you have to notice anymore? Find the great shop to get it! How about to find it online? If you want to get it online, you can do it simply by having your internet connection with you. Try to recall everything like comparing the price on some online shops and get the better price. It is not impossible for you to get the crazy price too. What are you waiting for? Having the complete and great quality of deer hunting equipment is not only a dream anymore.

Do you think you need more than all of them? Recheck everything again and make sure of everything has completed. It is good for you to not only check your equipment, but also check your knowledge of the deer. Do you know what you have to know about the deer? You should check the time for the deer to get any foods and their routine activity. What do you have to consider anymore? When everything has done and complete, all you have to do id making a plan of the name of the forest that you want to visit. Check the wide of the forest too and you have to consider many things before you decide to go. Make sure you are healthy enough and try to never give up to catch the deer. It is because of the deer character that is not always tame to human because they used to live wild. What are you waiting for to catch the deer? Stay brave! You will know the best thing for you and be ready to face it!

Most Important Hunting Equipment To Succeed

Equipment for hunting is related to the things you want to hunt. You can check the complete need of it based on the category. You can check the duck equipment for hunting, deer equipment for hunting, and more. Since hunting is related to the object you wish for, you can try to make the specialization of it. You also have to concern many things before you want to hunt like you have to prepare the clothes you should wear, the tools, and the equipment to make your hunt faster. If you think you will get wet, so you need something more than just clothes. That is also what you have to do when you want to use any shoes.

Everything is not as simple as you thought or as simple as your fishing tools. You need more than it including the supported bag. You cannot bring a too large bag as your equipment place because it will make your movement difficult. All you have to do is preparing many things that help you to move easily and catch your target. Even if you have to bring gun or more than it, all you have to do is preparing everything perfectly and bring it simply on your hand. Equipment for hunting can be simpler than you thought if you can bring the package of it which similar to the kit.

Hunting Equipment

What is another thing you have to consider about the equipment for hunting? Before you go, you can try to read more than what you can imagine. You can read more about hunting and make the list of the things you have to prepare. Is it good for you to find it online? Sure, you can get it online especially because, by online, you can get the lower price. You can have many things you can have, but the weakness of it is because you cannot see it. All you have to make sure is your size. It is good if you can buy the complete tools in one package.

Equipment for hunting is never ended. It means that you can use it many times even if you lose your appetite in hunting. You also can resell it. Therefore, to have the hunting equipment is never give you any disadvantages. You can lend it to someone who needs it daily or more, and the last choice is when you can resell it later as the secondhand stuff. What do you think about it? As the amateur in hunting the world, you can try to rent the equipment. You also can try to have something cheaper by having the second-hand stuff. What are you waiting for? Grab it fast now!

Equipment for hunting does not always have to be expensive. You can check the quality of including the specification of its material by yourself. It is good if you can be diligent in checking it. You also can have many things to consider later, and it is more than only a price. Check the customer review about it, and you will know what you have to do soon. You can understand everything you need for hunting if you read more about it. You can select many things you want to have as your hunting equipment. You do not need to grab it all because you do not need all of them. Select your target first, so that you will know what you have to wear on your hunting progression. Improve your skill by asking the expert about it! We are ready to help you here!

How to Get Cheap Hunting Gear

hunting gear

Cheap Hunting Gear 

Hunting is not a cheap activity to do. You need the great preparation and the great equipment to help you get your hunt. Therefore, what should you prepare to get the hunt? You can try to complete your equipment and start your journey in preparing everything. Do you know the best place to go to find the cheap hunting gear? You can start to open your laptop and turn on your internet connection. You can browse many things you want to browse including the jacket, the boots, the gun, and more. Is there any another things left?

You can start to check the cheap hunting gear on Amazon. As the worldwide online market leader, Amazon offers too many things than you can imagine. The have some quality tactical backpacks that come in a variety of colors for any hunting mission. Are there any another things you should check on Amazon? You can try to check the manufacturer of it and everything related to the distributor and more. You can read the specification of the products and check the quality of it. You have a chance to understand all of it. Is there any another thing you have to consider anymore? You can compare the price from many manufacturer and many shops that offered their products on Amazon.

Remember a thing; cheap hunting gear does not always have to be in the lower quality of it. You should be careful in assuming about it. You have to remember that everything is enough and possible for you which means it supports your need during the hunting activities. You can browse your need by selecting your hunting animals. Let us say if you want to hunt duck and deer. It must be different for sure. The reason is simple because every animal has its weakness and strength. You can check what you have to bring when you want to hunt duck and what you have to bring when you want to hunt the deer. You need duck caller when you hunt duck or put the similar accessories like duck near the original duck, but you do not need to do it when you want to hunt the deer.

hunting bootsCheap hunting gear is not only about all of those things. You still can have the general items for your hunt like put the boots on you, bring the gun, but you have to consider if not all of your hunt need the gun. You can use the net for it and smaller animals. Sometimes you also need knife and hat. All you need can be found online. You do not need to visit one by one hunting equipment shop in your city especially if you only have time on your weekend. You can start to hunt. Do you need another thing else? You can recheck it again here and do not forget to make your list!

Therefore, if you want to find cheap hunting gear, you can use your smartphone and turn on your internet connection. The reason to get it cheap is simple. It is because of all that you need is finding the great quality. You do not need to get cheat by everything because all you have to do is read the customer reviews about it. You will get all that your need in satisfaction. No matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection, you can make your order online. The shipping method can be chosen by you. You can choose it including the payment method of it. What is another thing you need to prepare anymore? You can select one by one of it by checking it based on its category.

Must Read For All First Time Campers

When talking about camping, some people may think that camping is very hard activity. But, actually camping can be fun way to spend your holiday. Going camping is not difficult. It is also cheap. You can get many benefits from camping. Sometimes, you need to leave your daily routine that is full of works. You need to let youself blend with nature and feel the peaceful sensation.

Following the tips can make your first experience more enjoyable. You can read several camping tips for the first timers at this article. This article is inspired from everyone who want to know the basic advice . You can find everything that needed to know.

Camping Tips

  1. Make a list of the equipments that needed. You will need several equipments for camping. Making a list will help you to check your equipments. If there is something missing, you may get a problem. You should prepare your equipments well.

  2. Buy good quality stuff that can last for long time. You need to buy high quality equipments. The price can be more expensive, but they will last for long time. You can use them for the next camping trip. The good quality equipments can keep you comfortable even it is colder than expected. You should prepare sufficient protection. These are recommended options for greater exerience:

  • tent

When buying a tent, you need to add at least one person to the tent size to enhance comfort. For example, if you want to buy a tent for 2 people, you need to buy a three-man tent. You can add footprints to protect your tent floor from the stuff on the ground. This is one of nice camping tips. Footprints also can keep the tent’s interior dry. You can buy the fancy one at store. But, you can also shape it from thick plastic sheet. It can last for a few trips.

  • sleeping bag

The most versatile choice is a bag rated to 20oF. It can work well for 3 season camping. The bag with more warmth in lighter and smaller package is typically pricier. It also loses its ability to insulate when it is wet. Man made fillers are more affordable. They can keep you warm even you are soaked wet in a storm.

  • sleeping pad

Sleeping pad will provide comfort. It can also insulate you from the ground. Choose the high quality sleeping pad, so you can use bit many times.

  • headlamp

A cheap LED headlight can handle well. It can help you to see when you walk around the campsite at night. For a headlamp, you do not need for something fancy.

  1. Realize that you might lose your cell phone reception on the way to the campsite. You should ensure that you know how to navigate to your campsite. This is one of very important camping tips. You need to print out the reservation and directions information. Do not forget to bring it with you to prevent trouble.

  2. You need to make your first experience short and easy. You can try two days and one night trip. If you want to expend your time on the water, you need to rent a canoe.

  3. You should leave the campsite you visit clean. Do not let any trash. Camping will be more pleasurable for all of campers. We should keep clean this world so that we can enjoy its beauty.

  4. Bring food and first aid kit. Food is important. You need to prepare adequate food and water. You should also prepare first aid kit. Walking around in the dark or going hiking can make you get cuts, scrapes, and blisters. You can also make your first aid kit modified to meet your individual needs.

Do not forget these camping tips and enjoy your camping trip.