Must Read For All First Time Campers

When talking about camping, some people may think that camping is very hard activity. But, actually camping can be fun way to spend your holiday. Going camping is not difficult. It is also cheap. You can get many benefits from camping. Sometimes, you need to leave your daily routine that is full of works. You need to let youself blend with nature and feel the peaceful sensation.

Following the tips can make your first experience more enjoyable. You can read several camping tips for the first timers at this article. This article is inspired from everyone who want to know the basic advice . You can find everything that needed to know.

Camping Tips

  1. Make a list of the equipments that needed. You will need several equipments for camping. Making a list will help you to check your equipments. If there is something missing, you may get a problem. You should prepare your equipments well.

  2. Buy good quality stuff that can last for long time. You need to buy high quality equipments. The price can be more expensive, but they will last for long time. You can use them for the next camping trip. The good quality equipments can keep you comfortable even it is colder than expected. You should prepare sufficient protection. These are recommended options for greater exerience:

  • tent

When buying a tent, you need to add at least one person to the tent size to enhance comfort. For example, if you want to buy a tent for 2 people, you need to buy a three-man tent. You can add footprints to protect your tent floor from the stuff on the ground. This is one of nice camping tips. Footprints also can keep the tent’s interior dry. You can buy the fancy one at store. But, you can also shape it from thick plastic sheet. It can last for a few trips.

  • sleeping bag

The most versatile choice is a bag rated to 20oF. It can work well for 3 season camping. The bag with more warmth in lighter and smaller package is typically pricier. It also loses its ability to insulate when it is wet. Man made fillers are more affordable. They can keep you warm even you are soaked wet in a storm.

  • sleeping pad

Sleeping pad will provide comfort. It can also insulate you from the ground. Choose the high quality sleeping pad, so you can use bit many times.

  • headlamp

A cheap LED headlight can handle well. It can help you to see when you walk around the campsite at night. For a headlamp, you do not need for something fancy.

  1. Realize that you might lose your cell phone reception on the way to the campsite. You should ensure that you know how to navigate to your campsite. This is one of very important camping tips. You need to print out the reservation and directions information. Do not forget to bring it with you to prevent trouble.

  2. You need to make your first experience short and easy. You can try two days and one night trip. If you want to expend your time on the water, you need to rent a canoe.

  3. You should leave the campsite you visit clean. Do not let any trash. Camping will be more pleasurable for all of campers. We should keep clean this world so that we can enjoy its beauty.

  4. Bring food and first aid kit. Food is important. You need to prepare adequate food and water. You should also prepare first aid kit. Walking around in the dark or going hiking can make you get cuts, scrapes, and blisters. You can also make your first aid kit modified to meet your individual needs.

Do not forget these camping tips and enjoy your camping trip.

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